The Book Shelter

Yesterday we saw the launch of book shelter, a platform where book lovers across the UAE can donate and adopt used books.A shelter for the unwanted books that are forgotten in your attic(although we don't have attics around here :)) or underneath the bed or on the book shelf that is all covered with dust that you can hardly recognize which book it was!!

The idea behind the shelter is that any interested reader can simply log on to the website or their pinterest page, choose a book from the list of books available, and request it for adoption. Likewise, they can log on, and offer their unwanted and unused books. In both cases, the book shelter team will deliver or pick up the books, free of charge. 

The reading nook at the book shelter
This library will consist of 150 (regularly updated and restocked) books for you to adopt and they have set up a permanent reading nook down at the Maraya Center. In a place where we don't have much options on public library the book shelter comes as a great place for the people who love to read.

Lovely bookmarks by the bookshelter!
The "reading nook" library of The Book Shelter will be permanent in the Creative Community located in the 1st Floor of Maraya Art Centre in Al Qasba . A lovely place for relaxing reading. Or a cosy shelter to donate, reuse, recycle and borrow books for FREE!

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