Fridge Cover

11:27 AM

I always wanted to have good fridge cover with a pocket, but couldn't find anything I like. Most of the ones I get to see are bit large for my small fridge, and since I have sewing machine I thought of making one with exact size of my fridge with small pockets on the side as organizer for the itty bitty things I keep on top of the fridge, where sometimes I spend hours trying to find it. :)!

Anyhow I measured the surface of the fridge and cut the fabric according to the dimension, that makes the top of the cover and two more pieces that will fall on the side of the fridge. Two more small piece of fabric that would make the pockets.
Few of out there would be familiar from where I got this fabric ;)!

Then off to sewing and joining all the pieces together.

And here's my finished piece although it didn't turn out to be a perfect cover, but it does my purpose of organizing my notes and and as well as those tiny fridge magnets my lil princess play around with. Also the hassle of cleaning of the top of the fridge :).

Well till next time...take care!


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