Paper origami house

One of the craft that I like to do with my lil girl is paper origami. It's one of the hassle free and no mess craft that can be done on any lazy day, with what ever paper is available around.

We always wanted to make an origami house for a very long time. The folding to make the origami house is little bit complicated or so for the little mind. As we were still fresh from folding paper cranes during the Juki workshop, it came out handy and easy for my lil princess to make the house.

You can also make these cute Origmai house by following this diagram.

And here's our little houses all lined up with some having a windows for a view. :)

Till next time, take care.                                     

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  1. What a cool way to do some paper arts. I think this would be great for paper puppets and paper skits. I'll be trying to do this using my a4 paper size at home.

  2. Thanks Rory for visiting by, and yes you can use whatever paper is available around, would like to see your beautiful home when its built :)

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