Flowery Ring

Bathroom tissue paper roll, Cling film roll, Foil paper roll, these empty rolls always inspire to make something creative and artistic out of it. But in household of 3 it takes too long to collect lot of them :)!. Saving up these rolls and seeing a lot of it on Pinterest, here comes our version of creativity.

Cutting out these rolls turned out more harder than I thought, some where so hard and difficult to cut through that I almost had my hands cut, even though I didn't give up doing cutting them.

Then it was grouping time so had my lil princess make them in group of 5 petals.

Off to messy painting, our hands got all messed up and was almost rainbow in color :).

Gluing time, to hold each petal together we used the clothes pin to hold them together and we can have free hands to move around.

The flowers are assembled and waiting for it to dry. When I had got the clothes pin I was wondering what am gonna do to with this large bunch of it, who knew it was going to be handy for our crafts :)!!

Voila, here's our flowers already and what a beautiful smile my lil girl had on when she saw the final piece. My lil princess wanted to have a mirror in the center, and I think it would make a wonderful wall piece!!

That's it for now till next time...


  1. This is awesome. I never thought of this before, but now I'll save them up and give it a try!

  2. Thank you, sorry for the late comment :)


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