iPad Cover Tutorial

After the arrival of the new iPad, my mind had been really working on how to have beautiful soft lady like cover for it. Did I say lady like 😉 As you see the smart cover that comes from the apple store is not sufficient enough to not to have scratches on its back. We had this greeny foldable smart  cover from the apple store as my lil princess turned out to be a fan of this color.

After going thru lot of beautiful home made iPad covers on pinterest and test shop I stepped out to make my own...and thus we began our adventures in stitching. Here are the measurements of the 3rd generation iPad although it's not any different from the iPad 2.
 These are the material measurements and number of pieces you need for the cover.
10 1/2" * 8" - 2 pieces
10 1/2" *  16" - 1 piece
 3" * 3" - 4 pieces
6" * 4" - 1 piece
 As I loved quilting and have entered it in my list of hobbies and likes I did a bit of quilting square patterns onto it!
 My first attempt was a disaster well ummm I think that sounds too monstrous for a piece of cloth but turned out shabby and ugly more like a cushion I wanted the cover really padded and soft I guess I got overboard with it!
 So the next day after finishing of all my houseworks I was determined to make it well this time all not 'San' perfect but was sweet labour, alhamdulilla. I felt like making a lot and setting an easy shop, eh! My lil princess was almost going crazy with all the motor winding sound of the sewing machine two days in a row, might have thought I was enjoying the rhythmic sound of it, which in true was annoying for me too, too good for my dream on an etsy shop
 So here are my covers and our iPad safely tucked in, oh by the way don't forget to have a key hole opening on the back of your cover for the back camera!

With the iPad tucked in securely inside :)!

 And here's my first attempted cover I couldn't just leave it like that, did a bit more work on it and made it into a usable form as you can see :)!

When my cousin saw this she was like where did you get it from? its very nice and unique, so I was like i am selling it for 30$....I guess not bad to start an etsy shop after all :)!

Well then till next time take care!!

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