MIA......Missing In Action

Yes MIA (Missing In Action) for a long time. Lot of things happened and big change of routine occurred. 
My desktop computer almost 6 years old hung up on me in one of my most critical and rush period time of work. Had to rely on my husbands work laptop to finish of my work load.

Now the computer is almost back to normal after refurbishing it.

But have got limitations  on my Internet usage! The wi-fi internet connection we had was switched to 3G,10 GB data plan with the iPhone 4S. Wow what an amazing connection speed it was and yes we had the net on the go. The long boring hours on the Internet  turned out to be jiffy and fast . I wonder how fast 4G is gonna be like!

The happiness of the 3G connection didn't last long.The 2nd month of having the connection 10 GB was eaten up in 10 DAYS! and yes that left us with hardly access to net till the end of the month.!

How, where and what took away all the data is a mystery! My usage is mostly limited on reading documents and computing stuff, & of course talking to my family members here and there. As for my  lil princess its streaming videos on You Tube and playing games on Nickjr.comstarfall.com and like. 
And voila the mystery of figuring where all the data goes and who the culprit was found. Our one and only iPad does multitasking behind if the apps that were opened & we're always accessing the net even if you were not using it. So that put the net usage via the iPad restricted. As multitasking on the iOS eats up a big chunk of data without your knowledge! So if you are using your iPad with a data plan make sure apps won't accessing the connection unnecessarily! 

But now we are getting in routine of using it although I miss my unlimited data usage of the simple old Internet connection.

Well too much for my blabbering about net and technology, hope to come with my other post soon, till then take care!

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