Ramadan Kareem

Another year comes by and the blessing month of Ramadan is here. How fast the time flies by, was like just yesterday that Ramadan was here. For this year, we are down on vacation in our hometown, for my lil princess it's the first time in here. As for me I would say its also my first time since growing up. As I had been in Doha while growing up and during the holy month we would be in there. For me I have not got any memories of spending Ramadan with near and dear ones. Hoping and looking forward to this holy month in here. Some of the countries around the world have already began Ramadan, in here we would be beginning fasting tomorrow inshallah Allah. And my lil princess is looking forward to it too. As we are down in vacation there won't be any of activities mostly nature exploring and spending quality with near and dear ones. Wishing all the Muslim ummah a blessed Ramadan and may Allah bestow his mercy and blessings upon everyone during this holy month.


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