Desktop Organizer

With my fingers itching around to do some kind of creativity after coming back. And seeing beautiful recycled organizers on pinterest, we set for work!!

Inspire from this....

 Having loads and heaps of cardboard lying around....

 Ended up making this :)!! It has got compartments for pencils, rubber, and small item like pins and paperclips too!!

Right View,I had those trial royal flowers lying around for long didn't know what do with it, so it ended on the organizer, aint it pretty :)!!

 There lays the ceramic train for my lil princess from our Cafe Ceramique Session. I think it matches up with my organizers colors!

And finally loaded with my different scissors, glue, and it will get overloaded i might have to make another one!!

If you like it do leave me a comment, as it brightens up my day :)!!

Till next time..


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