Summer Memories...Part 1

Days and times fly by, things that were here today are gone tomorrow. Life is a mystery and living it day  by day to resolve it. Thank Allah for all the blessings and bounties he have given us in this life.

More than 2 months have gone by since I blogged or even visited it. It was family time as we were away on my lil princess first our summer vacation and first time experience of Ramadan in our home town.

We really had great time in there and enjoyed all the wonderful moments with our near and dear ones! The weather was amazing Subhan Allah the monsoon season in there, the lush greenery, the smell of the wet earth, chirping of the birds all surrounded in Allah's amazing creation, makes you only wonder more and more! Leave you with few snaps and stills from our vacation, Enjoy :)!

Drip, drip and the rain falls down!

The rose bush that always bloom
one rose at a time  at my grand's home!
The view from my grand fathers room ,
that has lot of memories and stories to tell
And more rain :)!

Beautiful umbrellas left out to dry!

Nope its not a piece of paper or cloth, but a strange insect we found!

The big old trees that never ceases to amaze!

The cloudy sky, that always has mixture of emotions building up inside!

A rickshaw drive, a roller coaster ride and the adrenaline rush that makes you sit on the edge of the seat. Sandwiched between huge buses from the front, back and the 2 sides!!

A world of steel pans and utensils!

The family gatherings which are the most precious moments during a trip or anytime! On the left is an iftar gathering at grand's house and on the right is a traditional style lunch where the meal is served on a banana leaf, so yummy and delicious!!

More to come....stay tuned!!


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