Summer Memories...Part 2

So continuing on ever wonderful memories of this vacation, hope you are not bored :)!!

The night before Eid, it was fire, fire and more fireworks that deafened! And had my lil princess saying to her little cousin, the sound of explosion might kill someone out!!

 One of the beautiful places we visited was craft village, a beautiful tourist spot in Iringal, Kerala, ts called "Saragalaya", the beauty of this place is the nature surrounding it, as well the endless stream of corridors and room where within each room a traditional craft is practiced and made. Weaving, looming, pottery, etc.!

 A family trip to water theme park, was fun  :).

And no trip is complete without weddings and parties. 

Not to mention the mouth watering ice-creams and endless visits to the ice-cream shop! For some reason whenever am in Ice-berg my phone seems out of memory space to click an image of my nutty,sweety ice-cream!!

And a view from our on board flight back! Subhan Allah its amazing how the color graduates between the clouds!

So that rounds up from our vacation tour, stay tuned to back to my crazy craft activities!!


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