DIY: Sewing Sleeves

Have been busy, yes very busy lately doing this and that, I hardly get time to blog about them,  hence the pile up of post in my draft. Hope you all had wonderful Eid with your loved and dear ones, Alhamdulilla, we had a gem of a time, with my uncle, cousins...etc.

Anyway I wont blabber a lot an will head on to the topic. As I told in my early posts, I am not an expert in sewing, but I'd love to try and learn.  Babies aren't born knowing how to walk from day 1, but they learn it step by step each day. Its the same way if you want to do something, so try, try and try and you'll see how easily things turn out.

Today I'll show you how to attach sleeves to your kurta or dress or whatever you want to add sleeves to.

To know your exact measurements, its difficult to measure yourselves so it would be a good idea to have one of your good fitting worn out cloth to be used as your pattern. I took one of my dresses which I don't use anymore although the dress is only one year old, it was burnt while I was ironing so its not in wearable condition. Removed the sleeve from it and used it as the pattern to cut the new one.

Cut your sleeve and markdown where to sew, and fold the end of the twice (not the end where you would join it with the dress) and sew.
Once the sleeves are ready, make sure you clean the edges by sewing with a zig zag stitch, or cutting with pinking shears, as I did.
 Attach the other end of the sleeves and you will have your dress ready :)!! Easy Peasy, right!!

Till next time :)!


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