DIY:Drip Snagger

A very quick post how to keep annoying drips from your water cooler or beverage dispenser from causing sticky messes and slip hazards on your floor. For me each morning I get up I will have wet floor in the kitchen from the water dripping of the water cooler and have been trying on several ideas how to control it.

One day when I was going to throw away a finished up 7up bottle that's when the idea striked me!!

So here is what you all need a bottle of juice like 7up and good crafters knife or scissors. 

Cut out the upper half of the bottle and a small window 1/3 way from the upper end, this is the faucet for the cooler be hung.

And that's the easy way to make a drip snagger with your throwaways and my lil princess was having busy time filling up her glasses with water since she saw that!! but no worried no more wet floor until it overflows :)!!


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