DIY:Rotatable Layered Storage Box

Pringles tube have been always an inspiration to do some recycle craft it, and thanks to pinterest I found this amazing idea to make.

Here is all the materials required to do this project:
Pringles tube
Scrap or wrapping paper
Thick cardboard
Barbecue sticks,chopstick, or any thin stick that would go inside the straw, I used a broken hanger.
Craft Glue, scissors and craft knife

Cut the tube into layers, according to the size you need I had cut into 5 varying tubes.

Make a base for each rings except the bottom one out of cardboard and glue the base on all the ring. And wrap them with any paper as you wish. 

Cut straws according to the height of each tube and wrap the straw with the same wrapper and glue it 
onto the tube.

I made strips of heart using my Martha Stewart double hearts punch around the page and decorated the edges of the tube with it.
Slide the broken hanger into all the little straw tube you have glue onto the side of the tube. And there you have it!  A rotatable layered storage box... 

 And use it as a storage for my lil princess hair clips and bows.

Now you know what to do with these pringles tube and you got one more reason to eat pringles chips :)!!

Till next time.....and another crafty adventure...

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  1. Great the strips of heart! Such a lovely detail work dear!

  2. Thank you and it was sweet of you to visit my post!!


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