No Mess Pancake

11:30 AM

Another day with another another quick post ^__^!!

Making pancakes always leaves me with messy counter top and the gas cooker top, not to mention the dried out and sticky ladle, spoon and bowl to clean. Of course making pancakes should be the most easiset recipe in the world to dish up when you are running out of time, but if you are like me running up late, have to pack snack box form my lil princess and a lunch box to her father and in between checking on my lil princess if she's having her glass of milk and so on then it turns out to be a messy work for me. So here's an easy tip to make life all the easier and faster, all you need is an emptied squeezable ketchup bottle.

Just fill up the bottle and squeeze onto your pan!! No more messy kitchen around and enjoy your pancake with ease of mind :).For the pancake recipe you can check it out here.

Till next time, take care and have a nice day!

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