Quilled Key Chain

My key chain that holds my home key was broken and its part were lying around, and seeing lot of inspirations on the net I set to quill my own key chain :)!!

Here are the materials you need
Quilling strips of different colors I used grape vine purple, yellow and deep rose
Ball point pen for small rings and stacking cups from my lil princess toy box as the measurement for my larger rings.
Broken elements from key chain or any blings and tiny hanging you can find.
Craft glue

Make small rings by rolling around the ball point pen.

I made 18 yellow rings, 25 rose rings and 32 purple rings. One big rose and slightly bigger purple ring using the stacking cups.

First made the yellow small ring circle followed by the pink big ring, then the small rose rings circle, that was followed by the big purple ring then the tiny ones.

Leave the ring to dry for awhile and once its completely dried out add in the blings and the key chain.

And here it is dangling on my wall at the the entrance...:)!..

If you like I can do custom order with the colors you like provided you send me the blings (just kidding)!! 

Till next time.... 


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