Cereal Box Organizer

It seems we always have empty cereal boxes.  Until recently, those boxes always ended up in the recycling bin and if it overflows down into the garbage bin. However, as I am reorganizing my craft area I thought I'll make use of all the empty boxes by turning them into handy desk organizers. Large boxes work well for books, small ones for supplies. I’d share those with you today and maybe you will find them as useful as I have, although I think these are probably out there in some tutorial, but thought I would share anyway.

We have all kind of cereals Kelloggs corn flakes for lil princess dad, K crunchy berry crunch for lil princess's mom  and choco pops for lil princess :)!!

I measured out what I would like the opening of the box to look like.  And then when you have an opening you like, just poke and cut.

It had instructions on how to wrap different kind of objects very clearly shown with images on it :)!
Then using crafters glue, I used white glued mixed with water with 50:50 ratio and it works just like modge podge, I attached wrapping paper to each one to make them look cool. The wrapping paper that was bought from Daiso ( I told you it was one of my favorites spots to get some ideal craft stuffs for cheap) was perfect they were quite thick and the back side was kind of porous so it was like extra strength for sticking onto the box. I made labels by punching card stocks with MS punches and glued them on!!

This was a quick and easy way to organize my craft books and papers and didn't cost me a thing!

That's it for now, till next time....


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