Quilled Home Sweet Home

A good home must be made, not bought.
                                      Joyce Maynard

It's really fun and amazing when you can find ideas and inspirations from things that comes across you in your daily life.
In today's post I got my inspiration to do this quilled piece of art from  my lil princess alphabet magnets that adore my fridge door. 

Select the alphabets you need and all you have to is just to go all over the alphabet few times and glue it off. It can be pretty tricky for some of the alphabets  like H and M (does that  sound like some shop) ^__^!!

The alphabets are all set and ready to get decorated and filled up. Make sure you don't remove them off until they are nicely molded and firm.

Made a square border to fill the letters from few brown shaded strips.

The letters are almost filled up using the beehive technique.

Make small rings by rolling around the ball point pen and fill the outer border. Our Body is all almost set and complete.

Make the roof of the house by quilling squares or marquises and filling it in.

Attached the two parts together and you have your happy home built :)!

Made a tiny bow so you can hang it anywhere you like.


  1. Pretty Creation Safiya....


  2. beautiful work masha allah

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    1. Thank you for the invite and the visit and ill surely join your link party


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