Sew Braided Rag Rug

This post was due long time ago, couldn't share it with you then but here it is now.  Today am sharing a sewing project, yes and it's a recycled too.

You see I got few rag clothes lying in my cupboard it's not in a condition where I could donat and it'd the clothes are good cotton that would absorb water and would be handy during my cleaning, but the problem was it was taking a big chunk of space in my cupboard and had to do something to clear it, that's when I remembered my mom used to say that old clothes where turn into rug so I had to try it out.
Outcomes my set of old clothes and started snipping them lengthwise around 1 inches in width. And you end with big bunch of strips to play around. Get those fingers warmed up because there is A LOT of braiding to do.
Take 3 strips and lay them on top of each other and stitch them together at the end.
Secure the stitched strips somewhere you fee comfortable and make sure you would ample space there as you strips will get longer by time. I pinned it on my curtain.

After you braid one set of strips you sew on another and another ...and another til you have a giant long braided rope of fabrics.

Once you are done braiding its time to coil up,  twist the center and wrap it around hide the head end of the braid when your rounding strip reach there. Sew the side of the braid with zigzag stitch so that the braid join up side by side. Continue to sew until you reach the end and then your are finished.

 Till next time....


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