Quilled Bookmark's For A Cause

I had promised you all I had got a good news to share with you all in my previous post and here it is.
One of my school friends whom I haven't met for 10+ years and was my class mate during prep school, we got connected via one of the social networks out there. I was so happy to meet her and enjoy the nice chat we had together. Going down the memory lane of the times we spent together and the fun we had. And she likes working for NGO's and do lot of charity works. 

She have started a beautiful idea on to promote reading for children especially the less privileged, Beautiful Minds Book Marks, book marks that are hand made with love to light a child's life through reading and have got a wide variety of bookmarks to select from. 
After seeing my quilled works photos, she requested that I make few book marks for her. I was overwhelmed and happy as it was the first time anyone had asked me to make a quilled piece for them. 

The bookmarks are made on 6"x 1.75" for the bottom base and topped with 5.5"X 1.25" base where the quilled design is made. 
The bases were made from Textured Jewels Mat Stack by Diecuts With A View and the quilling strips were varied from quilled creations to lake city (one of my favourite), and few local purchases.

The only challenge I had making was to have different designs and colors for each piece, as she wanted variety, other than it was enjoyable.

Here's a closer look for the few pieces I made.

 Two things I liked most was the creativity involved when making these pieces and getting to meet my friend personally and having a quality time with her which i wish we can do often although we are borders across hopefully again one day insha Allah.

If you liked my pieces and need me to create one for you don't hesitate to ask, I would be more than willing to make :).

Till next time, take care
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