Blessed with a little Munchkin

Hello fellow bloggers, how have you been doing. Its been a very very long time since I blogged in here. I am back and back with a new look too ^__^.
 My last post was almost 6 months back!! How fast the time runs. As I have mentioned in my past post that I was expecting a new member into our family....after a long wait and past my due date alhamdulilla we were blessed with charming young prince into our family. It was another experience unlike I had with my lil princess, hope to share them with you one day.

Now almost getting back into my old routine, which I had missed out during my months of waiting for the arrival of my little munchkin. Hope to be back and post on frequently. Looking at my blog list I have back log of posts of DIY to share with you gonna get them done and cut them off one by one :).


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