Clothes Peg Caddy

When I first joined pinterest long time back a peg caddy had caught my eye and had wanted to try it on, as my pegs were always scattered on the floor and living them on wire rack was an annoyance to me as I had to keep moving them around when hanging on clothes to dry.
This is the clothespin caddy that inspired me, you can find how to make this one in here. Basically if you know a basic sewing then its easy and fast and can be whipped in one hour.

Here's what you basically need a cloth hanger, you will need to cut two pieces each of coordinating fabrics (you should have 4 pieces) and essential sewing accessories :) .

Lining up the 2 fabric (the inner and outer ) trace up the upper shape of the hanger onto the fabric and cut accordingly.
Layer caddy front and caddy front lining and cut out in the middle of fabric, as you can see I cut out a heart shape, it could be whatever a shape you like and would be easy for you to sew, I learned that am not an expert in sewing yet!!. Pin the two different fabrics together, wrong sides together and sew a bias all along the cutout.

Sandwiching all the fabrics together like this caddy back lining & caddy back wrong side together, caddy front & caddy front lining  wrong sides together. Sew all along the edges, leaving an opening at the top for the hanger. Make sure you box out the corners as they would not be bulky, before turning the caddy over. Flip your bag right side out, slip your hanger in and fill her up! 
Had these fabric flowers lying around which I was thinking to get rid of, but I felt it would much the caddy and beautify it, with hot glue in hand added them on to top of the caddy in a way it covered up the tiny opening the hanger was coming out from. as you can see my heart turned into circle :D!!

And here's my caddy filled up with my clothes peg hanging on my dry wire stand and hanging out.  

Till next time, have a great week ahead!


  1. Fabulous, thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  2. Salam arleykiii
    I love this DIY it's so pratic
    qublah from france

    1. Wa alikum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakathuhu,

      Jazaki Allah khayr, thanks for the sweet comment and visiting by.


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