Miracle Garden - Dubailand

"There are always flowers, for those who wants to see them."~ Henri Matisse

 Recently we had a nice family gathering when my little M's cousins had came down for a visit. One of the places we got to visit was the Dubai Miracle Garden. A magical place that enthralls you with endless array flowers set in a uniquely mesmerizing way. A world where your imagination can run into wonderful dreamland. Although it may not have any kind of exotic or unique plants, but for any plants and nature lover, its a place to get lost into. More than 45 million blooming flowers in stunning designs, awesome shapes and structures
Located in the upcoming development of Dubai Land, its a hidden gem worth exploring. The entry ticket is 30AED, and free for disabled and children under 3 year. Although we visited late April, the weather was bearable, but to enjoy it to fullest its best to visit during the cooler season. The garden is closed completely during the summer season and mostly be back up by end of September or October.

To get lost like in a wonderland, this is a place to be. Won't babble much, the rest of the post will be heavily loaded with images, so sit back and enjoy.


So next time you are in Dubai during the winter or cooler months, make sure Miracle Garden will be there in your itinerary. Till next time, signing off for now :-)


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