DIY: Baby Mobile

One of the first project I did when I bought my Big Shot was a Baby Mobile for my lil handsome M, I had been drooling over the net seeing all those beautiful hand made baby mobile and I wanted to try it out. So here's my take on that, sit back and enjoy :)!

Nothing expensive even if you dont have any cutter or punch that can cut out the shapes you need, the old school method never fails in anything, its just a longer route to achieve what you need. 

Materials Required:
n number of Circle cutouts(or any shape you would like your mobile to hold on), depends on how large or small the mobile is going to be). I cut around 150 for large mobile and 125 for the smaller ones (18 cutout each from 7 different color)
Embroidery hoop, you just need the inner ring of it (I used in my first baby Mobile, my grandma's old wooden frame ^__^, yes i made quiet a few after that the mobile caught on me!!), you can find nice small sturdy hoops at Daiso for 6 DHs.
Hot Glue gun
Sewing machine
Once I couldn't find an embroidery ring so got a foam ring instead, it looked fine but not as nice when it was on the hoop.
I ran my cut outs on my sewing machine to make long strips according how my colors needed to come up and I have my strips ready to be assembled to the ring in few minutes.
Wrap the ribbon around the ring/hoop, and four strips of ribbon tied them altogether on one of my old bangle which I used as a hook.
And they are ready to be hung and to be enjoyed!!

Here are the other few I created in different color combination,

Hope you liked it and enjoyed, if it inspired you to create something like this do share along would love to see your creativity!! Till  next time, have a nice weekend!!

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  1. Very creative! And lovely and colourful too, perfect for little people :) #sharewithme

  2. You are so creative what a great idea and so beautiful too! Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme


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